Strategic design and
tactical solutions for
positive social change

Together with pioneers in the nonprofit, startup, and civic sectors, we are reimagining the relationships between business, philanthropy, and our communities.

  • Private Companies
  • Nonprofits
  • Civic Sector

Private Sector Solutions

Integrated design for building company culture, developing new markets, and demonstrating meaningful impact

Nonprofit Innovation

Helping visionary leaders explore new models, implement new programing, and access new resources

Civic Entrepreneurship

Improving our communities through active collaboration between citizens, institutions, and government

How can we help?

Cross-sector experience and expertise to help you craft a vision and bring it to life.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Asking the questions that help you define your vision, working with you to craft an integrated strategy, and detailing the tactical choices that will produce meaningful results.

  • Communication Design

    Developing effective messaging that will engage, inspire, and activate - deployed within a plan that is customized to match your resources.

  • Program Development

    Corporate social responsibility programs, new models for engaged philanthropy, spurring civic improvements - we love working in uncharted territory.

  • Community Engagement

    Collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing feedback from your communities to find solutions that will be enthusiastically embraced.

  • Training & Facilitation

    The appropriate guidance can channel the ideas from your board meeting, staff training, or vision session - and transform them into a plan for action.

  • People & Partnerships

    With a fresh approach to social impact, we can help you connect the dots, build your team, and establish innovative partnerships

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We are looking for new opportunities, new challenges, and new collaborations - how can we work together to make our world better?

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